My journey began as an intern in the early 2000s, when I interned as a Production Assistant with Lagos State Television (LTV/LWT),  and as a presenter with EKO 89.75fm In 2004,  where I featured on the evening drivetime shows as well as Friday Nights.I also did voice-over bits for programme promos and Public Service Announcements.

In 2007 I gained my first full time employment with the Continental Broadcasting Service, home to Television Continental News and Entertainment as well as Radio Continental 102.3FM, where I functioned as Producer/Presenter and even had a brief stint on Television as host of then LunchSplash on TVC.

THE CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST SHOW and KUBANJE DIRECT are among a number of shows I hosted on radio. Other functions included News Reading, Narration for TVCNews’ Sport Segments, Music Direction, Audio Imaging and Production and Automation Software Management.

With City 105.1fm in 2012, I performed functions as Production Manager. I also hosted the breakfast show and read the flagship news.

I’m an associate member of the Nigerian Voice Bank and have done a few International promos including one for Careers24 in 2014.

Recently, I provided voice-over narration for a syndicated radio show called “The Ogbonge Man”. It featured inspiring stories told in Pidgin English and aired on radio stations across the Nation.