A good friend of mine, Kingsley Obum-Egbulem, with a keen desire for keeping healthy living standards and who happens to be Executive Director of Dreams Home Furnishing approached me in 2012 and asked if we could develop a radio show to address the deadly Hepatitis Disease.

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Prior to our meeting I had no idea how deadly this disease was and how careless habits could bring upon its wrath if not checked on time, especially the prevalent Hepatitis B virus.

He encouraged the research and aided by my wife (who voiced the intro), we were able to develop a season of 13 episodes, roughly 5 minutes each.

The show aired in Lagos (City 105.1FM) and Abuja (Nigeria Info 95.1FM) during the breakfast belt on Thursdays and is available on Soundcloud.

You can listen here: THE HEPATITIS RADIO SHOW

It is important to know the state of your health. Do get tested today.



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