Piers Morgan’s article on Jose Mourinho left a bad taste in my mouth but I was not too surprised. However, the praises heaped on the former Chelsea coach in my opinion were undeserved.

While Piers was quick to outline Arsene’s non achievements, he overlooked the similar pattern in deteriorating relationships between players and a coach and how that affects long term results.

Referring to Chelsea’s All Star line-up as Prima-Donnas elicited a yawn. Who picks the team bros? What was his back-up plan with the reserves/youth team and the open market? How much e don spend on said team?

It is preposterous to think that because the players have a vendetta against the coach they would jeoprdise their chances of staying in the premiership!!!

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While Arsene never seemed to throw his players under the bus at the slightest provocation, the one coach who was thought to have a better man management tactic capitulated. Remember his sessions with Ronaldo at Madrid?

Even Thierry Henry shipped blame on the players not wanting to play for the coach.

READ: Thierry Henry – Chelsea players to blame for JoseMourinho’s sacking.

As for me, if a player feigns injury say e no go play, na de coach know why o and if e no get plan B, OYO to am.

This is where Mourinho is supposed to thrive by pushing players beyond their capacity or willingness, forcing upon them a desire to play for him!

Apparently he had lost the charm and Drogba was probably right about the end of the cycle.

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Maybe the board should have waited to allow Mourinho see out the season at least but it seemed even they had lost faith too quickly being used to sharp sharp results. Whoever comes in now fit just only guide dem enta relegation sef…

We all know of Jose Mourinho’s successful exploits in different leagues across the continent. And we also know he has the inability to maintain long term spells which would include developing and nurturing new talent without having to break the bank. Jose proved to be everything wrong with modern football even though he got the required results.

Brash, arrogant and successful – It was not always going to work that way. It was fun for the Press and the hyped up fans while it lasted. But there was a lingering problem. He had carried it since his 1st departure from Chelsea and he is taking it with him again maybe this time with some moments to reflect on things he could have done differently. Assuming he has gained maturity of course.

Jose’s mind games aimed at other teams finally affected his own. This is the worst title defense in the EPL era and nobody would have expected Jose Mourinho to lead this sort of campaign. Haba, not The Special One na?

Too often Jose wants to be the star and he has had his day to be fair. But it’s time the world sees what he truly is, a clever opportunistic (insert insult here…).

As for the players revolt against him, I point a finger at Fabregas as lead culprit. I just think he emits toxicity wherever he goes and yet he’s the 1st to publicly declare solidarity with the coach.

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Again, most of these players are overpaid and I don’t care what any one of them thinks! There are many who will never in their entire lives see de kind weekly wages these dudes dey get!

If you’re not putting in the work, ship out and go invest your garnered income in some technological venture or some social crusade, lest you end up in penury!

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I wish Jose the best in his future runs (yeah, like I really mean that) and he should tender an unreserved apology to Eva too for the sake of his soul o.

READ: FA chairman Greg Dyke: José Mourinho should apologiseto Eva Carneiro

I’m surprised Nollywood has not worked out a romantic blockbuster titled Jose & Eva yet, starring Nkem Owoh and Mercy Johnson, with Aki and PawPaw playing the footballers in the eye of the storm.



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